By Chloe D.

What is it?

Miranda is a moon of Uranus. This amazing moon was discovered by Gerard Kuper in 1948. Miranda was named after the daughter of Prospero in the Shakespeare play called The Tempest.
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Voyager 2 Flies Over Uranus' Moon Miranda
Miranda was one of the five known moons, but then in 1986 the Voyager 2 discovered 10 more. Miranda is the closest moon to Uranus at 8,400 miles away. Its orbit is 4 days to our one day. It's 147 miles in diameter which also makes it the smallest of the five known moons. It is also very cold and has a temperature of -350F. Miranda's land is 3 times denser than its water.
Miranda has been declared to be the strangest moon in our galaxy. It is very dark and icy and has very deep grooves and ridges and deep rope like markings. It has one of the oddest mixtures of surfaces in our solar system. Some of Miranda's groves are 10 times deeper than the grand canyon! The reason for all of these weird markings is because long ago miranda was smashed by a meteorite into many pieces. The pieces stayed very close together and ended up bonding back together and becoming a moon again.
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Fun Facts

-On Miranda, Uranus would look 88 times bigger than a full moon here on Earth.

-Some of the tallest cliffs is 3 miles high and the deepest canyons are 12 miles deep.

-If you were to jump off one of the cliffs, it would take 10 min. to get down because of the gravity and height.


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