6th Grade Technology at Lineville

by Ellie Vincent

Typing Web

In this unit you will learn how type! You start off every class with five minutes of typing. For the first half of the semester you need to complete: Common English Words, Easy Home Row Words, Easy Top Row Words, Easy Bottom Row, Words, Shift Key & Capitalization, and Sentences in the intermediate course. For the second half of the semester you need to complete: Speed Drills, Basic Punctuation, Paragraphs, Advanced Punctuation, and Intermediate Wrap Up in the intermediate course. If you only do what was assigned you get a 3. https://www.typing.com/ -Website


For this unit you have to create a iTrailer on the app iMovie. You can pick any topic, but you can't get any of the photos you use off the internet. You will be graded on the storyboard/planning, camera techniques, conventions, and the audience appeal. To get a 3 you need to have a complete storyboard, no photos used twice, clear photos, no spelling or grammar errors, and make the audience want to watch the movie. https://hssd.schoology.com/assignment/449413577/info -Objectives

Haiku Deck

In this unit you have to create a Haiku Deck Presentation about your dream job. Your dream job can be any of the jobs on Career Locker. It has to be a ten slide presentation, and one of your slides needs to be a title page with your name on it. In your own words you have to explain about your job, the education path, and the outlook. In the slides you need to include: 3 tasks you would do at your job, where you do this job, why you are interested in that career, 3 interesting facts about your job, where you are going to go to college to receive this degree, how long it will take, what the cost of tuition is at this college, the amount of job openings in this field, and where the job openings are. If your dream job is a professional athlete, you need to have a back up job. When the class is done with their Haiku Decks, you have to present them for a grade.

https://www.haikudeck.com/ -Website

Explain Everything

For this unit you have to choose a math problem and do a demonstration on how to solve it, on the Explain Everything app. You need to include photos when solving your math problem, record your voice to explain the problem, and you can not use your finger as a writing tool. Also the first slide of your presentation needs to have the problem you are solving.

https://hssd.schoology.com/course/316916535/materials?f=31682411 -Requirements and math problems you can do.

Career Locker

In this unit you use the Career Locker website to do games and tests to learn more about yourself and what you want to be when you get older. Mrs. VandenBoogaard comes in for a few days and teaches you some things about the website and you play some games and take some quizzes. https://careerlocker.com/Default.asp -Website


For this unit you wile learn how to code on the Code Studio website. To earn a 1 you need to complete Stages 1 and 2. To earn a 2 you need to complete Stages 3, 4, and 5. To earn a 3 you need to complete Stages 6 and 7. To earn a 4 you need to complete Stages 8 and 9. There are also videos and instructions to help you through the stages. https://studio.code.org/s/20-hour -Website