Summer Reading

You've come so far this year! Don't stop now!

The best thing you can do for yourself is enjoy lots of good books this summer. Visit our public library to borrow books or come to Mr. Morgan's library to check out some too. Books are at your fingertips! You need to keep practicing your reading to prevent the summer slide.

1st Graders

Remember to practice your reading. Skip, read, and return is the most powerful reading strategy you can use when you don't know a word. Don't try to read readers are hard to understand. Take your time to figure out all those new words and talk about the stories you read. Have an adult read stories to you too. It's fun sometimes to just sit back and listen.

2nd Graders

You've been working on more and more silent reading. Make sure your mind stays in the book when you're reading. If you catch yourself not knowing what it is happening in the story, go back and reread. Talk about what you're reading to a friend. You just might encourage someone to pick up a new book! Ask someone in your family to read a book to you too!

3rd Graders

Enjoy a book in one of your favorite series. Keep working on your reading stamina and stretch the amount of time you usually read even if by a few more minutes. Make sure you keep track of where the characters are in a story and what they're doing. Don't let the setting changes trick you. Visualize the action to help you "see" what's happening when you read.

4th Graders

There are all kinds of books out there for you to read. Don't shy away from a favorite magazine, a book of poetry, or a non-fiction book. It's always fun to read a book in a favorite series too. Think about what you know is happening in the story, which character is saying what, and how time passes throughout the story. All of these things matter in order to keep track of what's happening and be able to have meaningful conversations about what's going on in the story.

5th Grade

So much for the older readers to think about when reading:

  • What are the critical points in the story?
  • What is the author's moral or message?
  • What is the theme of the story?
  • How has a character changed throughout the story?