My inspiration Tom Hiddleston

By Colton Rauer

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Basic biography

  • He was born February 9th 1981 (age 34)
  • He has 2 siblings Emma and Sarah Hiddleston
  • His parents are James and Diana Hiddleston


  • Pembroke college Cambridge.
  • Royal academy of dramatic art.
  • Eton college

Famous works

  • Thor
  • Thor the dark world
  • Avengers
  • Crimson peak
  • He also does charity work

What makes him a leader

The thing that let Tom to be leader is he went to Africa and helped out the the UNICEF to raise awareness to help out the families of Africa so they could get back on there feet.That in my eyes makes him a leader because there are so man actors or singers who don't take the time to help people out.

Famous moment

There is scene in avengers were hulk and loki are arguing and hulk helps him out a little
Hulk Smashing Loki (The Avengers)