Only 0.15 an ounce!! (Extra meaning in addition to)

New Extraterrestrial Icecream!!!

Luscious cotton candy ice cream with hints of smarties and skittles. Mixed with marshmallows and rainbow sprinkles with flakes of coconut and star galaxy candies. This icecream can make you have very graphic and clear flashbacks from your past and childhood, but only the good ones!! You can compare this to rocky road, but this ice cream is way sweeter, creamier, and awesomer!! So many exotic toppings, which are great for flavor! Also, Miley Cyrus loves it, so that means it must be good! You'll find that only our icecream is the only icecream on earth that can make you have flashbacks. Also, the name extraterrestrial, the prefix meaning extra, is the perfect label for all the "extra" ingredients you can take away or add to the ice cream!! So try the Extraterrestrial Icecream today, before everyone else does!