Alois Alzheimizer

1A german tombstone , Erikka Steinebach

About Alzheimer

  • Alois Alzheimer
  • Vater: Eduard Alzheimer
  • Mutter: Barbara Theresia Busch Alzheimer
  • Geboren: Juni 14, 1864
  • Gestorben: 19, Dezember 1915
  • Geburtsort: Markbreit, Germany
  • Begraben: Hauptfreidhof, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
  • Todesursache: Herz-Failure
  • Beruf: Arzt, Psychologen, Wissenschaftler

Interesting details and accompleshments

He worked under Emil Kreapelin at the Royal Psychiatric Clinic, He also practiced medicine at the Municipal Hospital for Lunatics and Epileptics in Frankfurt Germany. While treating a elderly woman whom had which passed away he looked under a microscope to see that the nerve cells had plaque which had compiled in the normally empty space between the cells, this would later be called Alzheimer's disease.

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