Breyden Eiynck

5 Themes Of Meography


Absolute- Specific location 45.6092° N, 94.4517° W

Relative- Approximate location Take a right coming in from St.Johns and then about 2 miles then take a right, and your at my house.

Place- An area defined by everything in it.

Human Characteristics- Brick house, 2 story, Little porch, lots of windows, garden

Physical Characteristics- In the country, on a hill, 2 sheds, lots of trees big woods and big yard.,-94.433873&t=hybrid&lang=en&pov=106.92902621574437|-11.839626856886476|1&streetview=1

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HEI- how people adapt to modify and depend on the enviroment positive or negative

Adapt-In winter put on warmer clothing

Modify-Burn wood for heat


Movement- The way people products ideas and information move from one to another.

Transportation- From a car

Goods- Hockey puck from Russia

Communication- Texting

Region- An area that is defined by certain similar characteristics-unifying.

Physical feature- Mississippi river

Human feature- Mall Of America