Antonio Vivaldi

1678-1741 Ari Glazier

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Vivaldi's Early Years

Antonio Vivaldi was born on March 4, 1678 in Venice, Italy. This period in time was called he Baroque period. Vivaldi had 4 brothers and 4 sisters. Immediately after he was born he was baptized because of either a natural disaster on the way or Vivaldi's poor health. Vivaldi's nickname was the red priest because at age 15 he studied to become a priest and in 1703)he became a priest and Vivaldi with bright red hair. His dad had played violin so Vivaldi was born loving music.
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Venice, Italy Map

This is a map of Venice, Italy in the Baroque period. Vivaldi was born in Venice during this time. He was born into a world of music an succeeded tremendously.

Four Seasons ~ Vivaldi

Four Seasons Video

The video was uploaded on January 30, 2011 by AnAmerianComposer and is a video of spring, summer, autumn, and winter in Vivaldi's Four Seasons piece.

Other Vivaldi Music

Vivaldi produced quantities of vocal music including 46 operas, he is remembered cheifly for his instrumental music, however. He produced 447 concertos for violin an other instruments. His beats were characterized by fast-slow-fast, or an ABA rhythm. Vivaldi created, L'Estro armonico, La Starvaganza, Le quattro stagione, and La Cetra, as well as many others including his Four Seasons.

Vivaldi's Legacy

Antonio Vivaldi was a great composer. He had challenges, yet made many music pieces. Vivaldi set out to support girls who wanted to play instruments and he succeeded, his students could play beautiful music no matter their gender. He left behind a story of dedication, hard work, and amazing music.


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