November 5-9


Good morning!

Hopefully everyone was able to feel the benefit of an extra hour this weekend. It will be nice to have a little more light in the mornings.

This week's newsletter focuses on GRIT, Activities to Develop the Mindset and a motivational video on not giving up. For this week's extended hour, you can work on the Innovator's Mindset book study.

I hope to get caught up on the post observations this week. I believe there are four teachers still needing observed. Let's try and schedule the observations for next week.

Have a great day and week!

Aim High and Dream Big!!


What's Going This Week

This week is Math Supervision.

Monday- Attend Day/Quarter Recognition

Tuesday- Inservice

Wednesday- EH- Innovator's Mindset



Professional Development of the Week- Activities to Support Mindset

Engaging Activities to Support Grit & Growth Mindset

  • STATIONS- stations can be implemented at any grade level. Have students rotate through each station around the room.
  • ASK- ask students their opinion on a topic they are learning. Let their driving questions lead to independent research tasks.
  • PUZZLE- puzzle the students with a startling fact or intriguing question. Let the students research the answer to the question or the fact.
  • GAMES- students love playing games. Add in a Kahoot, Quizizz, or a Flippity game to review concepts or learn a topic.
  • COMPETITION- host a debate, make a scavenger hunt, or have some type of contest where there is a winner.
  • CREATE- let the students create what they know. The more hands-on creations you let the students do, the more engaged they will be.
  • NEW- do something new or that you would never do to change things up like change your seating, let the students draw on individual whiteboards, have class outside, play charades with vocabulary words, try that tech tool you always wanted to try- Nearpod, Aww Web Whiteboard, etc.
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