Cozy Cafe

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Honey Bee Oatmeal

  • extract of honey bee mixed in with oats and rice with chunks of banana from the Old World

Spicy Tomato Soup

  • tomatoes from the New World with peppers topped with boiled corn from the New World


Breakfast Turkey Feast

  • Shredded potato made into hash brown with cooked beans and a slice of smoked turkey breast from the New World

Organic Seasoned Beef

  • Beef cattle cooked with olive oil,seasoned with onions and turnip with a side of rice or wheat bread from the Old World


Our Special Chocolate cake

  • made out of cassava flour with cacao beans from the New World filled with coffee bean ice cream from the Old World
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The New World and The Old World

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The New World was the Americas------ The Old War was Europe Asia and Africa