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April 11-15

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A Peek at Next Week

Writing - Writers will begin their prewriting this week for their book review. They will use a template to help them stay organized and each part will be modeled. Students have chosen a book to review and have been thinking about the reasons why others would also enjoy reading that book. At the end of the week, the template should be complete for the next phase, revising, editing and publishing.

Word Study - Letter combinations that cause a letter to be silent.

Math - Students will continue their work with graphs this week, focusing on bar graphs, pictographs, and dot plots. We will interpret graphs with intervals of more than one or two, solving word problems using them. Students will also create their own graphs from a frequency table or tally chart and create their own word problems for others to solve.

Students took a placement test in Think Through Math, an online program that gives them practice where they need it the most, according to their placement. A letter and password card went home last Thursday. Think Through Math can be worked on at home. We will also be working on it at school during our computer time and during station work when it your child's time for tablets.

Reading - Readers will review several concepts this week, including main idea, cause and effect, and summary. We begin our STAAR prep this week, which includes one day of stamina work. One day each week students will receive a fiction, non-fiction and a poetry selection to read and answer questions about on their own. The selections will resemble passages they might see on STAAR. You will also see one passage per week sent home for homework. It will be sent on Tuesday and will be due on Thursday.

Science - Scientists continue to learn about volcanoes this week. We will also learn more about earthquakes and landslides, all quick changes to our land.

Social Studies - "How Are People Around the World Alike and Different?" - Students will take a look at many different children around the world and determine how they are the same as they are and also how they and their lives are different.


Students are spending some time on our class set of 6 tablets each week. As of now, they are using them to read stories and articles from MackinVIA and Choosito. Beginning next week, they will also be able to work on their Think Through Math individualized plan during math stations when it is their turn. There is an audio option, if they want any of the words read to them.

Students are permitted to bring a pair of earbuds to school, to keep in their desk for those days, if they wish. Please do not send headphones or headsets. They must be easily stored and quickly set up. We will not share them, and they will have a Ziploc bag to store them in. Our work with tablets can absolutely be attained without earbuds though.

Family Game Night

Family Game Night is set for Friday, April 15th from 6:00-7:30. Pizza and water will be provided, along with a vast array of games you will be able to play with your children. Join us! It will be fun! A small yellow flyer was sent home last week. Just fill out the bottom portion and return it to the school so we know how many to plan for.

Hope to see you there!

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