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Its a pen that writes whatever you say on its own!

The best pens you will ever invest in!

Have you ever ran out of ink when writing something down important? Ever had those annoying hand cramps while writing? Well say goodbye to that with the use of a Power Pen. The power pen has unlimited ink and you can tell it what to write without even having to use your hand! All you have to do is turn it on and tell it to write something and it will! If you make a mistake just say erase and what you want it to erase and the pen will erase it for you! The Power Pen also has perfect spelling and writing. Everyone will be able to understand what you are saying. The power pen can write in different languages and in different fonts. It is the best pen that you can ever buy! We also have different options of pens for you! Choose what one you like best from the list below. All of them have the same benefits just different types of ink.

Check out our Awesome Products! The Rainbow Power Pen, The Regular Power Pen, and the Glow in the Dark Power Pen!

Our website is and the store is 1419 Westwood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90024

Store Hours-

Monday: 10am-8pm

Tuesday: 10am-8pm

Wednesday: 10am-8pm

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Friday: 12pm-5pm

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Sunday: CLOSED

You can order online anytime you want! The shipping will take no longer than one month! Unless you get fast shipping it will get to you within a day!

The price for shipping depends on what package deal you get. Check out the website for all the information!


Regular Pen: $45.00

Rainbow Power Pen (choose your own ink color): $49.99

Glow in the Dark Power Pen ( glow in the dark ink): $49.99

There is a headset that goes alone with the pen so if you talk into there it can write down what you are saying and it also plays music and automatically connects to the internet. This will cost you an extra $15.