Creators Of America

By:Ben Howe-Jones

Introduction Paragraph

Work faster now now now, you their you're not working hard enough you better work harder or you'll be whipped. You might not know now but Africans were not treated right in America back in the 13 colonies, it was called Slavery. Twenty percent of the population of the 13 colonies was Africans. Most of the Slaves were not in a family group their family was either farther down South or working all day. They were taken from Africa because the colonies were short handed on plantation,tobacco, and cotton. The Africans had a terrible life in America their punishments were brutal and the way how they got free was amazing.
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Coming Over

The Slaves even had a hard life coming over. John Hawkins captured 300 slaves from Africa and took them back to America. They were forced to work and not be payed. The Americans needed the Slaves because they were short handed for tobacco, cotton picking, and plantation. This was the beginning of Slavery but not the end.

Punishments And Rules

Slaves had no rights at all and were punished for a lot of reasons. They were punished for resisting slavery, not working hard enough, talking to much or talking in their language, stealing from their master, killing a white man, and running away. Their punishments included being put in shackles, being put in various of contraptions, being chained to the ground, being whipped, and being hung and left to die. These were the punishments of slaves it was mean and brutal.
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What Did They Do

Slaves had a lot of work to do and a little time to do it, with little breaks. Kids even had a hard time working the masters usually expected more from the kids. Slaves who worked in the field were called Field Slaves, Field Slaves worked harder then another Slave. Slaves had to work from 6:00AM to midnight. Slaves had no life at all it was over for them.
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All the slaves worked hard, they were treated very badly. They suffered horrible punishments. Slaves were in the Revolutionary War in the 1700s. The punishments they had were cruel, mean, and brutal. Our beautiful country is what it is because of these poor slaves. The slaves were brave how they stayed was brave of them, and the slaves who didn't want to have Slavery they ran away or was in the Civil War.