Sickle Cell

Sickle cell is inherited from both parents (Recessive gene)

Definition and Causes of Disorder

Who discovered this disorder and how it was named?
James B. Herrick a Chicago cardiologist and professor of medicine. Sickle cell was named based on the deformed sickle shape of the hemoglobin in blood.

What causes the disorder?
The disorder is caused by inheriting the recessive gene from the parents, both parents must be a carrier of the disorder.

What happens to the body?
The blood cells that are reproduced in the bone marrow sometimes form as a sickle shape cell unable to carry oxygen and nutrients to the other parts of the body. These cells die from 10-20 days unable to keep up in reproduction of blood cells more Sickle cells form to take their place.

What parts of the body is affected?
All parts of the body is affected due to the Sickle Cells causing pain by clotting the blood vessels which causes extreme pain or even death.

How common is you disorder?
Sickle Cell disorder is rare 20,000 to 200,000 cases per year in the U.S.

Teatment and Research Outlook

What treatment is offered and what research is being done to help people with this disorder?

What diagnostic test are done?

A simple blood test is done to diagnose sickle cell. The U.S. requires newborns to be blood tested as part of the newborn screening process. It is also diagnose before birth by taking tissue from the placenta this test is optional.


There are medicine like various pain killers to ease the pain caused by sickle cell, but there is no medicine to treat sickle cell.

Therapy? Gene Therapy?

There is oxygen therapy to treat the lack of oxygen that cannot be carried by the sickle cells, but there is none to treat sickle cell.

Current Research?

Scientist are researching in gene therapy to see by putting a normal gene that can replace the sickle cell gene they are researching if it is possible to turn on and off the sickle cell gene. there is also research in medication to treat sickle cell to increase normal blood cells.

About me

My name is David Ly my research on sickle cell was based for my project because my basic knowledge of sickle cell.