Tiger Eye Times

Third Edition March 2017


Good Things Come in Small Packages

By Jackson Lewis

A normal day at home when you are an only child can be extremely boring. No one talks to each other. Plus, at times, there is nothing really to do because most activities are more fun to play when you have two people to play with. Another downside is you don’t have someone to play with when you are bored. On the other hand, a really awesome thing about being an only child is you get your own room. Also, the whole house is really peaceful. Plus at Christmas, you don’t get jealous of what your siblings get and how you really wanted that gift. In addition, you don’t have to eat at restaurants that you don’t like because you don’t have any siblings to argue against your suggestions. One of the best pros on being an only child is you get the shoes and clothes that you really want, and you don’t have to share them with a sibling.

Bigger is Better

By Brock Dodd

A typical day at home with a family of six can be tough. Everybody is running around, and you don't always have enough space for yourself. Another reason big families can be tough is all of the foods gone in a week, and you have to go to the grocery store all the time. At moments,it is very stressful. But going to the pros of the subject, you have like three people to choose from when you want to play. Another pro is that when you have dinner, they make more than they need to, and there are leftovers so you get to eat a lot. One more pro is when you have stepsisters or brothers you get more presents at birthday parties and Christmas.

Although there are pros and cons in both big and small families, we still love our families, and they will always love us.

What Did You Do on Your Spring Break?

What did you do with your time on spring break? Did you get to relax, or were you more energetic? Here are the OMS News staff's top 10 spring break activities.

10. Played with dog

9. Netflix

8. Went to the mall

7. Slept

6. Played Sports

5. Traveled

4. Swam

3. Baked/Cooked

2. Hiked

1. Had long sleepovers
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Bad news,the next spring break is over 340 days away. Good news, less than 40 days of school remaining this year!

Keeping Us Safe

Q-When you first started your job what did you expect of it?

A Officer Ryan-...I really didn't know what to expect. Because when I first started my law enforcement career, I worked with adults. So going from working with adults to kids things always change. I expected to come in and help, and give you guys advice, and help you do the right thing, and make correct choices. That's what we try to do every single day and keep you guys safe.

Q-What kind of problems do you deal with?

A Officer Ryan-We deal with anything from parents being upset, kids being upset, issues on the school bus, kids not getting along. We all know that at this age, kids don't always get along, right? That's the majority of it...

Q-Why did you decide to do your job?

A Officer Ryan-I decided to go into law enforcement when I was in high school actually. I made up my mind that's what I wanted to do. . . I am someone who likes to help people. I like to fix things. I'm a fixer, so this is the perfect job for me. . .Because I feel like I come to work every single day, and I'm able to help you guys who have problems, help your teachers, help your administrators. It's just a very satisfying profession.

A Officer Hoerning- I came from the fire service. I'm retired from the fire service and again, I was a helper and a fixer, and I knew I wanted to start a new career when I retired from the fire service, and this is exactly what I had my mind set on. It's exactly what I anticipated.

Q-What advice would you give to middle school students to stay out of trouble?

A Officer Ryan-My advice would be to listen to your parents. Listen to your teachers. Think about who you hang out with, your people you choose to hang out with, your actions, your choices. Make good choices. We try to do that every single day, right? Even as adults, we try to make good choices. . . If you hang out with the right people, if you hang out with the right crowd, you make good choices, you should not be in any trouble.

A Officer Hoerning-. . . I believe in the old golden rule. . . Do the right thing. . . If you know what you are doing is the right decision, it is going to keep you out of trouble and keep everybody else safe.

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Jackson Lewis interviewing school resource officers Amanda Ryan and Steve Hoerning.

Terry Learns- Being Organized is Being Responsible

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Can you find ways that Terry is disorganized?

Being organized isn't as easy as it looks. Try some of these suggestions from our staff to help you finish the school year up right.

First, keep all loose papers in a folder or binder. Consider color coding folders for each class. Next, clean out your backpack at least once a week. Fridays seem to be a good day to do this. In addition, use a pencil pouch to keep track of pencils, scissors, earbuds, and erasers. Consider keeping your library books in their own compartment of your backpack. Throw away trash as soon as possible.

Following these tips will make your life easier each day and help you stay organized throughout the school year.

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A special thanks goes out to Y.E.P.O. at Ozark High School for helping to fund for Terry the Tiger.

Field Trips- Making Memories or Educational Experiences

Field trips are fun, or are they? Many teachers think they need to be educational, but kids think they should entertaining. The perfect field trip accomplishes both of these goals. For example, Silver Dollar City has a cave and roller coasters. Fritz Landing has adventure and scientific principles at work. Our reporter, Sophie Morris, asked 6th grader Ashley Mayes about her thoughts on field trips.

Q: What is your ideal field trip and why?

A Ashley: Silver Dollar City, because you get to explore with your friends!

Q: Do you like the field trips to be educational or not?

A Ashley: No [not educational], so we can get a break off of school.

Q: What has been your favorite field trip so far?

A Ashley: My favorite field trip, was in fourth grade when we went to the caves, because we got to hang out with our friends in groups.

Q: What do you want our next field trip to be and why?

A Ashley: Fritz adventure because, it would be a great time to spend with friends and take a break.

Wherever you may be going on a field trip, try to learn something and enjoy yourself. Making memories that last a lifetime is important.