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Thirty-One Fiscal Year - June, 2015-May, 2016

What An AMAZING Year It's Been!!!

The Thirty-One fiscal year runs from June to May of each year. From June 2015 - May 2016, our team partied 247 times, added 8 new team members, sold $119, 801.91, promoted 2 directors, had an all-time high number of ladies attend National Conference, and I earned my first Leadership Incentive Trip! Sometimes all of your hard work and consistency just comes together at the perfect time and great things happen. That was our year this past year! Let's celebrate YOU! Your accomplishment, your dreams, and your favorite memories from this past year. Thankful for each one of you and praying for each of you to reach your "Why" in 2016-17!

Top Girls

Your Favorite Memories AND Products from This Past Year...

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So what are you dreaming for 2016-17???

We often talk about setting goals, living your dreams, etc. What does that REALLY mean to you??? I've thought about that a lot lately and am always reminded that we have the PERFECT tool right in our hands to make that happen! A business that's full of integrity, anchored in God, and cares for us as "employees". People who LOVE our products. Flexibility and tools to make it all happen. What's the missing ingredient? I AM...YOU ARE...WE ARE! What I put into my business determines what I get out of it. What you put into your business determines what you get out of it. Plain and simple. So, if you really want IT, YOU are the missing ingredient. Let's go. Let's do it. Dream that dream. Set that goal. But work your butt off for it! Let's let THAT simple statement define our 2016-17 business year. I want to say that I did EVERYTHING I could do to reach my "why" this year when I'm reflecting next June. I pray you will too...because YOU are WORTH IT!!!