Ben and Andrew

Sparta vs. Athens

Intro to Sparta

Have you ever thought about how amazing Sparta is and how powerful they are? Spartans had a huge army and they loved going to war and proving they were the best. The boys in Sparta. At a young age boys in Sparta had to go to train for war and learn to be fearless and not feel pain. The boys that didn't go into training and fight for Sparta they lost many of their rights. Sparta was surrounded by mountains so they had a hard time trading. Sparta was very independent and did not like having allies. Women in Sparta did not have many rights they could not vote or go to court. Sparta did not care about education that much and few learned how to read. Sparta had many pros and cons about their city state.

Here is our first body paragraph... A google presentation!

This presentation is about the government in Sparta.

Here is our Prezi on how the modern world took innovations from Sparta