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Mount Kenya climbing

In Order To Enjoy In The Lap Of Nature, Tourists Plan Outing For Holidays In East Africa

Africa is a sought after tourist destination for many travellers, particularly for those who are adventurous and like to explore natural habitats. It is an amazing place of contrasts and is fascinating too. Eastern Africa is an easterly region of Africa comprised of 20 territories. For the tourist, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi are major destinations to celebrate East Africa holidays. These countries constitute African Great Lakes Region and the people of these countries are members of the east African communities. There are many tourist spots to explore new places and one can choose the best destinations in the form of East Africa holiday packages. Visiting in Safari is an awesome experience as explained by many tourists who have been visited to East Africa.

The wildlife safaris are famous all over the world. Tracking gorillas is a distinctive experience for every tourist. Other animals are elegant giraffe, swift cheetah, scary crocodile, African elephant, Cape Buffalo, Lion, Rhino and Leopard that one would like to see while on safari in East Africa. One can choose mountainous trekking too as East Africa has some of the continent's best treks. The most popular trekking area is Tanzania's Mount Kilimanjaro. Their ethnic culture is very unique such as the culture of Ethiopia and the churches of Lalibela. Places such as Masai Mara, Amboseli national park, Tsavo, lake Nakuru, Murchison’s falls, Travelogue Ngorongoro pull attention of many youngsters.

Kenya is, once again, one of the most popular tourist destination not only in East Africa but worldwide. It has been noticed that Kenya is the ultimate destination for safari visit.

The major attractions in Kenya are:

· Masai Mara

· Shela beach of Lamu city

· Lake Nakuru park

· Mount Kenya

· Amboseli National Park

· Lake Turkana

· Lewa Wildlife Conservancy

· Tsavo Park

· Silversands in Malindi

· Samburu Reserve

· Shaba Reserve

· Buffalo Springs Reserve

· Camel safaris

· Laikipia Plateau

Amongst these, Mount Kenya climbing is an exceptional practice for the tourist. Mount Kenya's slopes are cloaked in forest and moorland which gives way to rock, ice and snow. One can stay in camp or hut if planning to make climbing Mount Kenya. For this, one has to start either from Nanyuki city or Nairobi city. One can choose Timau trek or trek in Sirimon, Chogoria which are the connected route to Mount Kenya.

Many tourist companies offer a variety of attractive holiday packages and one can select from them as desired. These companies provide accommodation facilities and assist in booking luxury lodges, hotels, beach resorts or camp. Safaris can be booked in advance if one is sure enough to make visit to East Africa, particularly Kenya.

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