Jamberry Nails

What everyone is talking about

Jamberry nails offers the trendiest and most innovative "must have " product- vinyl nail wraps! Now you wear the designs you love, without the fuss and hassle of nail polish AND you can do it yourself right at home! NO NEED TO BREAK THE BANK EACH MONTH ON PRICEY MANICURES THAT don't last!!

Check out my website http://nailaholic.jamberrynails.net You will find everything you need to know about the company, the product and the incredible business opportunity!

I invite you to take a look at Jamberry nails and become part of the new nail revolution. Weither you want to enjoy beautiful nails for less or would like to run your own innovative, flexible, work at home business.


Jamberry nails offers wraps that are non toxic, chemical free and vegan!

They are available in over 300 designs and a "Nail art studio " alllows you to customize your own wraps to create a one of a kind style!

If you still love polish and don't want to give it up, enjoy Jamberry's Proffessional Nail Lacquer! Lasting longer than regular polish and without all those unhealthy chemicals.

Jamberry is right on trend with this longer lasting, safer alternative to polish!

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Hosting a party is a great way to introduce your family and friends to Jamberry Nails while enjoying the hostess perks! Let's book a party and enjoy a GIRLS NIGHT~ JAMBERRY STYLE!


LOVE what you DO, DO what you LOVE!!

Become a Jamberry nails consultant for just $119+tax/shipping and enjoy the perks of running your own exciting home business!!

With an amazing compensation plan, bonuses and perks- no wonder women from all over Canada are jumping to take advantage of this trendy business opportunity.

When you join jamberry nails you will recieve the below consultant kit which contains everything you need to get started and there is no better time! Jamberry nails just launched in Canada on September 1st 2013 so this is the Ground Floor oppurtunity.....

make the most of it!