The Diary of Anne frank


Biboliagraphy of Mr.Frank

This bibliography is about OTto Frank and some facts about him. Otto Frank was bor May 12, 1889 he had 2 brothers and one sister.Mr. Frank also studied history in Germany

The theme is hope

The theme of this passage is that you must have courage no matter what the obstacle is in your way. An example of courage is when Mr.frank let Mr.Dusell live with, them even though they didn't have a lot of food left (390).Another example of courage is that Mr.frank took his family into hiding even though the nazis will punish them for hiding(381). This was a difficult thing for the Frank because they worried that they will get separated by the nazis, and they will never see their family again. Another example is of courage is when Meip brought food for the Frank's and vandans family to help, them to survive the war (374). This was the example of courage this was a very hard time for the Frank's and vandans and Meip and Mr.kraler because, Meip and Mr.kraler had to be careful were to get food from and trying to warn the Frank's, and the vandans if danger was near. It was a tough job for them because they had to be every where and try to keep the Frank's and vandans alive, during the war without getting caught by the green police or the gestapo.
This picture represent Mr.Otto Frank because He showed a lot of courage during the play and he was kind and was, the leader of the group. He also showed no fear he never was scared when he heard nosiness in the work shop, when there was a noises he always protected his family. He also keeper every thing in control and organized. He also did try to run or hide when the police finally came for them he keep every one, as a family.this is why the picture of the lion represent Mr.Otto Frank he shows a lot of courage and hope to the family of the Frank's, and vandans.