Suicide Prevention

Ways to Prevent Suicide

Clues and Warning Signs of Suicide

Some of the clues and warning signs of suicide is depression. Some people can be very depressed thing their life has no meaning. Another reason is that maybe they lost someone special in their life which leads to depression. Maybe their grades in school are decreasing. They also act like they don't care about anything. People with thoughts of suicide are more emotional than others.

Need Help?

You could call the National Suicide Lifeline. You could also request police officers if needed. If you just need someone to talk to, talk to a teacher, the guidance councilor, a friend, or someone in your family. All of these people care about you and your life.

How to Prevent Sucide

Some ways to prevent suicide is talk to a friend. Friends always give you great advice of why you shouldn't take your life. Think about happy things. If you lost someone special to you in the past, think about the happy things you guys did together. If they have depression, talk to them about getting some help like consoling. Also try to find ways to be calm a think over what you thought before to make your thoughts better. If you have bad grades find a way to get them increased. Most suicide problems come from family or friend matters. If your having friend or family problems talk to them about it and see if they understand what your going through. If they don't at first, they should come around.