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Welcome to Sweden, the land of the Vikings.

Whether you are a fan of Vikings, enjoy ice fishing, or just embrace cold weather, Sweden is just the place for you. Sweden features Alpine skiing, horse-back riding and some of the best seafood ever! Are you tired of being cooped up in a small room mindlessly typing numbers into a computer, if so then come to Sweden today and enjoy our world famous Swedish meatballs and outdoor activities. Join the 7.6 million yearly visitors today!

Religions in Sweden

Most of the population is Lutheran.

Swedish Flag

On the Swedish flag, the yellow cross symbolizes generosity, and the blue background symbolizes perseverance, justice, vigilance, truth and loyalty.

Interesting Facts


Did you know that Swedish food consists mainly of seafood and vegetables. Swedes are some of the healthiest people to date, due to their active lifestyle and balanced diet. Swedes also eat their world famous Swedish meatballs. Some of Sweden's alcoholic beverages include snaps, which is typically served with crayfish during the August celebration of kräftskiva. Believe it or not Swedes from the southern area of the country also eat eels.


When it comes to sports, Sweden is the place to go. Sweden has nice weather year round, and the natives are also very active and fit. Some of their sports include football, ice hockey and horse sports. Sweden hosted the 1912 Summer Olympics, FIFA World Cup in 1958, 1992 UEFA European Football Championship, and the 1995 FIFA Women's World Cup.


Sweden is the home to many beautiful views and sites, including Lake Siljan. Lake Siljan is a lake that runs through central Sweden and the sunset there is to die for. Another great site in Sweden is Bohuslän. Bohuslän features small fishing communities and rough terrain mini islands, with a breath- taking view.

Museums and Day-trips

The Vasa Museum has a load of interesting 16th century artifacts. The Vasa Museum features a recovered 16th century sunken ship, which has 16th century jewelry, currency, etc. Sweden also has Operan, which is the Royal Swedish Opera located in Stockholm. This is a great attraction of people whole love not only opera, but also dancing and theatre.

Yearly Celebrations

Swedes celebrate kräftskivor in August, which is basically dinner parties in August where Swedes feast on crayfish, and the adults drink snaps (an alcoholic beverage). Swedes also celebrate Walpurgis night where Swedes light bonfires to celebrate the summer solstice.

Economy and Languages


The main language in Sweden is Swedish. Some phrases include...

Where is the nearest restraunt?- Var finns närmaste restaurang?

Where is the bathroom?- Var är toaletten?

Where is the nearest hotel- Var är det närmaste hotellet?

Type of Government

Sweden has a constitutional monarchy, where they have a King, Queen and Prime Minister who run the country. The current Prime Minister is Fredrik Reinfeldt, the current Queen is Silvia Renate Sommerlath, and the current King is Carl XVI Gustaf.


The national currency of Sweden is the Swedish Krona. The Swedish Krona, is worth roughly 0.15 of a U. S dollar and 0.11 of a Euro.


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