Mahana Beach

Matthew Ambrosini

Mahana Beach

Mahana Beach is located in Hawaii and is apart America. The latitude is 18.93 degrees North, 155.64 degrees West.

Active or Passive

The beach is active yet it is away from the plate boundary and closer to the inside of the pacific plate. The reason it is so active yet inside the plate is because it's a "hot spot" or over a mantle plume.

Primary and Secondary

It is combination coast. It was a cinder cone volcano that collapsed in on its self and now the ocean slowly erodes the beach and cliffs away naturally.

Submergent and Emergent

It was emergent in its creation because it rose from the bottom of the ocean as a volcano but now it is submergent as the ocean washes away the shoreline.


The sand is green due to olivine, a silicate mineral containing iron and magnesium, and will continue to be green for many years but will eventually deplete and the sand will look like any other normal beach.