Preschool Class Newsletter

November 5

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What a time! So much fun and joy we have witnessed during these weeks, so much determined and eager to learn young preschoolers who proved one more time that best way to learn is having fun each day.

Here are some of our class activities in action.

Our Activities

A Field Trip

We went on a field trip to Fagnoon. It's a lovely art center in a natural environment. We tried to use our 5 senses in discovering the land of Fagnoon. Eyes could see the dates on the palm tree, hands could touch the dough of bread, nose could smell the wonderful aroma of freshly baked bread, mouth could taste that delicious bread and ears could hear the frogs croaking in the river.

Learning Alphabet

Learning letters are so much fun. We use lots of different ways to learn letter recognition, the sound and the vocabulary. This time we went fishing for letters, played matching games and listened to talking flashcards on the interactive board

Halloween party

When witches go riding,

and black cats are seen

the moon laughs and whispers

Its near Halloween!!

Our class turned into pirates, skeletons, witches and other outstanding characters. We had costume parade, we were dancing, playing games and hitting the Pumpkin Pinata for Trick or Treat candies.

Library corner

Little actresses and actors were performing "Goldilocks and The Three Bears" in our classroom pretend play corner. It helped them to build their confidence and develop language skills.

Art and Crafts

It is all about Halloween!

All our classroom decorations were made by super artists of Preschool class.

Our Stars

We would like to welcome new member of Preschool Team - TAIM, TALIN and FARIDA

We hope they will enjoy playing and learning with us.