2023 STAAR Results

Preliminary STAAR Results

Parent Notification of Student Performance - Grade 3-8

State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR)

Hello 3rd-5th Parents,

I am writing to let you know that we have received preliminary Reading, Math, and Science STAAR results for the respective grade levels. Due to the restructuring of the STAAR tests this year, final determinations of “met standard” and “not met standard” will not completely be determined until after school has ended for the 22-23 year. However, the state has provided preliminary scores of “likely passed, likely did not pass, or zone of uncertainty” to assist in determining performance and need for intervention.

All parents/guardians will receive a letter on Thursday, May 25th with your child's preliminary STAAR results. Should your child require a preliminary House Bill 4545 meeting, we will notify you of the time and date for the meeting. These meeting will be held via Zoom or phone and will require no more than 5-10 minutes of your time.

Official scores will be available mid-August in the parent portal.

***Per the Texas Education Agency, the final performance level results will be available in the parent portal in mid-August (Aug. 11th per TEA). The instructions for the parent portal may be accessed here.


Shanita Kozlowski, Principal

Mark Brown, Assistant Principal & HB4545 Campus Coordinator


If your child likely did not pass in one or more of the assessments or did not take/complete the assessment(s), he/she is required to receive intervention per HB 4545 to assist the student.

HB4545 is a requirement that public schools provide 30 hours of intervention during the school day in the subject if he/she did not meet standard.

  • Middle School: the school has a plan that includes intervention

  • We utilize “flex time” to provide this intervention.

**The campus will be in contact with the parent to discuss next steps if the student did not take or did not meet the passing standard on one or more assessments as indicated above.


If your child received the preliminary score of “zone of uncertainty,” we will be waiting until final assessment reports are received. If in August your child receives a non-passing score, we will implement interventions per HB 4545 to assist the student and the campus will be contacting you to discuss next steps.

  • During 2022-2023, the state assessment was redesigned to align more closely with classroom practice. 25% of the questions were redesigned to include open-ended questions that will be graded during the summer 2023. 75% of the questions are multiple choice.

A student received a preliminary score of "zone of uncertainty" if he/she did not answer the % of multiple-choice questions correctly to guarantee meeting expectations.

  • Depending on a child’s performance on the remaining 25% of questions, they will either meet expectations or not meet expectations.
  • We should know for certain in August.
  • Families can access scores once they are released in August 2023. A district newsletter will be going out with communication on how to do this.


If your child achieved the preliminary score of “likely passed," no other action is needed at this time regarding the results of the state assessment.