Hunger Games

By: Isaiah Rittenhouse

Cooking with the Hunger Games

The Hunger Games, a book that sold 28 million copies! If you haven't heard of this on you've been living under a rock your entire life. The classic story about a girl overcoming all odds ,and conquering not only others, but also herself.

The Story Part 1-Life Before the Games

Katniss Everdeen was an average teenage girl living in District 12 of her country. She lives in the poorest district of all twelve of them, District 1 being the wealthiest. The government massively confines them to a small area in which she lives. Although it is illegal, Katniss often hunts past the fences they are confined to. Venturing into the vicious and carnivorous forest lying beyond the fence. Her father died in a mining accident several years before the story took place. Coal mining is the face of District 12 and symbolizes what they do. After her father died her mother went into a long period of silence. Not addressing her family, and not hardly eating anything at all. The family was driven even further into poverty, and struggling to keep the family fed. By this point Katniss was running the family, and barely keeping them alive via her hunting skills. She would trade her pelts and furs for food for the family. An event known as the Hunger Games was also a tradition of the country. Every year 2 kids, one boy and one girl (ages 12-18), from each district would be randomly nominated to fight to the death in a survival situation. The years normally passed without Katniss ever worrying about being picked:however, this year was different. It was Katniss' sister Prim's first year being entered. When they called the female tribute, to Katniss' utterly mournful surprise, Prim's name had been pulled. As Prim walked up to the stage with tears in her eyes, Katniss cried out, "I volunteer as tribute!" This meant Prim was spared and Katniss had just been thrown into the games. The male tribute was a boy named Peeta, the son of the baker. He had saved Katniss' life year before by giving her burnt bread that was meant for the pig. His mother had beaten him because of it. Overall, the horrible thoughts swirling around in Katniss' head were shocking and brutal. She truly questioned her chance for survival.

The Story Part 2- Prepping for the Games

After Katniss was taken from the stage, she was allowed to talk to her family before she left. She had a very emotional exchange with her family, and then was put on a luxury train headed for the capital (District 1). At the capital Peeta and Katniss were trained by a man named Haymitch, the only live, District 12, Hunger Games winner. They were both trained for weeks in large testing facilities, and were restrained to certain areas. They agreed to act like they were both in love to help get sponsors. Then, it came to the time when all of the tributes would present their abilities in front of the judges. Katniss was one of the last tributes to present. None of the judges were paying attention. They were just eating and laughing, paying no attention to Katniss. Katniss shot an arrow at the apple in the pig's mouth, and hit it dead center. All the judges were stunned and did not talk. Katniss then stormed out of the arena. They showed the scores out of 12 on television, and Katniss was afraid she would do horrible. However, she ended getting an 11, she did better than anyone else in the games! She was then prepped and ready for the games, truly a moment that would change her life forever.

The Story Part 3- The Games

Katniss was launched into the arena with a game changing choice. She could either run into the middle to get the good gear, or run as far as she could into the woods and risk the conditions. As soon as the games started she was distracted by Peeta and didn't get a leaping start. She still ran into the action anyway. She just barely avoided death by using the backpack she had grabbed as a shield from the knife that was thrown at her. Katniss ran as fast as she could for as long as she could until she stopped for a sit rep. She found little supplies in the bag, but it was enough to pass her by. Moving constantly and almost dying of dehydration. She eventually came upon a lake that may have saved her life. She then stumbled upon a massive stockpile of the career tributes and came up with a plan to destroy it. After destroying it she met a little girl named Rue agreed to form an alliance with her. Sadly, she was killed shortly after, but Katniss killed the killer before he could get away. She then met up with Peeta and partnered with him. He had a horrible leg injury which was quickly cured with medicine a sponsor had sent to Katniss. They eventually heard of a rule change that 2 tributes from the same District could win the game together. It came down to the last tributes, and the game makers released a pack of vicious human-like dogs after the tributes to take them to the same spot. They finally came to a standoff, and Peeta and Katniss climbed the wall to safety. While the last tribute fell to his death. They both had won the games! Both of them were immediately taken to a medical center to be put back together again. They both were then put on a talk show, and shipped back to District 12 to reign in the glory of their marvelous victory.

The Setting

The setting varies throughout the story; however, the main setting of the story is in the districts. The time is in the future after most of the world has crumbled, and a new society has formed. The setting of these Districts filled with poverty and an unsettling amount of governmental inequality. This majorly affects the plot because without this setting the games would never have happened. The passage of time in the story shows Katniss evolving, adapting, and survival instincts coming into play. She was a completely changed person by the end of the story. Overall the setting and passage of time in the story massively affects the plot.

The Pro's and the An's of the story

Katniss Everdeen is the protagonist in the story. The entire story is based upon her story and life. We see her develop throughout the story A trait I would give her is brave. She shows this when she survives the horrible conditions of District 12 with her head up even with the tragedy of her father's death. She becomes the head of the family when her mother fails to do so.This also is shown when she risks her life for Peeta's at the end of the game. She attempted to lift Peeta up risking her life knowing she could fall at any moment. The last way this is shown is when she volunteered herself for her sister. She gave it all just to keep her sister from going through the same horrors she had seen on TV for years. All of these things show how the protagonist in the story is brave.

The real antagonist of the entire story is the government. They was constantly rotting away at the protagonist's life throughout the story. A trait I would give the government is corrupt. One way this is shown is the games. It is completely inconsiderate and cruel to stick kids in an arena to fight to the death. Another way this trait relates to the government is the treatment of their citizens. Most of their nation is in poverty while the other half are wealthy. The government does nothing to meet the needs of these people who are suffering on a day to day basis. The last way that this trait applies to this organization in the story is the working conditions of the citizens. The conditions of the mining that goes on in District 12 is described as horrible and dangerous. This is very true because it even lead to the death of Katniss' father. All of these things show how the government in the story is corrupt.

The Point of View

The point of view is a first person edition of Katniss Everdeen's life. This gives you a real feeling of what it was like being Katniss in the events of the story. You feel how it is to be Katniss and how she feels about every horrible and joyful thing that happens to her. This is very important to the story because without it you wouldn't be able to see the emotions of Katniss. You would be able to see her actions, but not her thoughts. Being able to feel everything she feels gives you a much better perspective of the story. Overall, being able to see the story from Katniss' point of view strongly changes how the reader sees the story.

The Conflict

Really the obvious and huge conflict of the story is the games. Katniss overcoming all odds to survive and thrive in the horrifying reality that she faced. Having to live the rest of her life knowing that she murdered people, and was hated by the families of the kids she murdered. Really the conflict in the story is external because of the actions she had to perform to survive. The conflict of having to worry about somebody trying to murder her at all times, really shows the conflict coming from an external source. Overall, the conflict of the games is a massive part of the story.

The Theme

The theme of Hunger Games is be thankful for what you have. The reason this theme relates to the story is that even when things couldn't get worse for Katniss, they did when she volunteered for the games. Life was absolutely dreadful compared to the pleasures we endure in today. Just to add to that she was thrown in an arena to fight to the death! Constantly facing starvation in both scenarios, and somehow in both coming out on top. She persevered through thick and thin, and staying alive through every monstrosity, she had to go through that we couldn't even imagine! She was happy with the little she had before the games, and then everything was ripped out as soon as the games became a factor. She hoped to go back to her family alive, and was begging for mercy that she might be able to see them again. Overall, Katniss was happy with what she had, and showed this theme throughout the story.