Amazingly Awesome Animal Scientists

Made by: Sawyer DeCleene

Animal Scientist

Animal scientists work to improve the quality of meats, eggs, and dairy products. There are lots of different areas that people with this training can do. Some conduct research or work as extension agents to assist farmers to increase the quality and productivity of their domestic farm animals. Others inspect meat and meat products at food processing plant.

Branch of Science

The branch of science that its in is more life science because it works with animals and making animal life better

Education Path

Students who want to be an animal scientist should take advanced classes in math, english, and social studies. Helpful high school courses would include Animal Science, Biotechnology, Calculus, Calculus, Advanced, and Statistics and Probability. One degree you might be interested in is animal behavior. It is the study of how animals act in different scenarios.

Boston University

I chose this college because it was the only school for the major I needed. The school is located on Boston Massachusetts. I don't know how to answer this part but its in a city. It's a university. It is also a public school. A four year college. Student faculty ratio is 13:1. 62.1% of classes have less than 20 peopl and I like that because having a smaller class helps me learn


You have to have a 3.49 GPA or higher to go to

The composite ACT score is 24 - 27

The combined SAT score is 1100 - 1339

Factors that affect this job

It wouldn't be easy to find a job in Wisconsin for this occupation. You would have ro move to a different city for sure.


The salary range of a Wisconsin resident is 38,020 - 151,400

The salary range of a National resident is 33,980 - 117,150


All creatures animal hospital is a name of an employer and is located in Appleton WI


Although it would be a cool job, I don't think being an animal scientist is my kind of thing.

Mostly because I'm a sporty kind of person and would rather be something exciting like a sports agent.