Radiant Energy

By: Bryce Schick

What is Radiant Energy?

Radiant energy is the energy of electromagnetic radiation. The SI unit of radiant energy is the joule which is the same SI unit as force. The quantity of radiant energy may be calculated by integrating radiant power with respect to time.

Examples of how we use Radiant Energy?

- Microwave uses radiant energy by taking heat and surrounding the food inside. Heating it from the shell to the core.

- Electronically heated blankets uses radiant energy. By taking electricity from an outlet, and transferring it into radiant energy heating of coils. The coils are surrounded by nonflammable fabric on the inside with regular fabric on the outside.

- Electric stove tops use radiant energy by heating up coils that get bright red, and heat up the bottom of pots and pans.

When was it discovered and how?

In 1875 Sir William Crookes discovered the properties of Radiant Matter. His invention of the Radiometer was proof that Radiant Matter was a part of sunlight. A man named Nikola Tesla followed up on these discoveries, and found that electric charges could also be used and changed into Radiant Matter. He called it Radiant Energy.