Waverly Hills Sanatorium

How Waverly Hills Started

Back in the early 1900's tuberculoses was really bad so a sanatorium opened up to help cure it, it was in Louisville, Kentucky. After a while they doctors amd nurses were not doing so well, many people were dying, and the "cures" were not helping, also the experiments they did on the patients ended up killing them faster or just making there situation worse. After about 30-35 years 6,000 people died at the sanatorium and they got shut down for many reasons, for one, the mistreatments of patients. After about 20-30 years after they got shut down people started going there to look at the old place and sure enough some of the people who died there have ghosts haunting the Sanatorium now.

Why Do People Think that Waverly Hills Is Haunted

There has been many sightings of ghosts there, like a little boy, his name is Timmy he was about 6-7 when he died and he likes to play with balls. another is a woman in her 20's, she hung herself because she was depressed, she hung herself in room 502 and they say that her ghost stays and "haunts" the room 502. There has also been many sightings of strange figures and slamming of door. There has been many other sightings of ghosts too, that shows and proves to people that it is truly haunted.

Some sightings of ghosts haunting the Sanatorium


Plausible Theories

Tourists bring Timmy balls to play with and the ball moves but some people are wondering why the ball is moving, some say that the ball could have moved due to uneven floor boards, and others have said that the ball moved because of Timmy.

People say that there has been slamming of doors when no one else was around, some people believe that ghosts are slamming them shut, but other people have said that since the doors are so old there could be loose hinges and they can come loose and make the doors slam shut, it has also been said that since there are no windows the wind could have blown in and slammed a door shut.

Most Plausible Theories

I believe that the most plausible theory is that the slamming of doors was from wind and loose hinges, this makes the most sense because if there was a ghost then how could it possibly move a door? I even looked up how the doors could have shut and the majority of websites I looked at said that the slamming of the doors was due to the wind and loose hinges.

What I Believe

I have mixed beliefs about the Sanatorium being haunted. for some of the information I found it totally sounds like it is haunted but then also with some of the other information I found it totally sounds like it is not haunted at all. such as, when I read about when people walk around the Sanatorium on tours and they all of a sudden smelt fresh bread baking, this is not a normal thing that happens in "haunted" buildings this also makes me believe that it is haunted because it didn't just show up on one website I read it showed up on many. but some things that make me not believe that it is haunted is when I read about things like people here eerie footsteps when no one else is around that really makes me not believe because those sounds are going to happen when there is an old building that is rundown or really any building, there is going to be creaks, but that has nothing to do with ghosts.