Japanese Language

The influences and structure.

Japanese Language influences.

The prominent religion in Japan is Buddhism, which started in India. Does India have a strong influence on Japan? The answer is no. Buddhism started in India, but Japan got in from China, rather than directly from India. You can see the Chinese influence everywhere in Japan. A whole part of their alphabet it derived from Chinese Classical language. This part of their alphabet is called the Katakana alphabet. India did not influence Japan nearly as much as China has.

Do certain animals symbolize different feeling, emotions, or objects, and how does it effect speech patterns and word choice? Yes, animals symbolize feeling, objects, and sometimes emotions. However, these animals do not effect speaking patters or word choices.

Japanese Language

Depending on who you are talking to, how does your word choice change in Japan? Well, they change their word choice and speech patterns no more than we do when we talk to a superior or someone we want to look good in front of. So, yes they do change their word choice but not in a way we would find strange.

How does religion effect mythology? The religion mainly changes the mythology with some heroes and protagonists as Buddhist monks and other Buddhist people.


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