American Sniper

By: Chris Kyle, Scott McEwen, Jim DeFelice

What was the book about?

The book is a story about a man who decides he wants to join the armed force to create a reason to fight. Chris Kyle joined the armed forces older than the usual recruit. He excelled in marksmen ship and chose to follow the path as a Sniper. He received the training necessary to become an elite sniper. While away on training he met a woman who he ended up marrying. Shortly after getting married , the attack of 911 happened and Chris knew he would be deployed into action. The first tour he did in Iraq was tough because his first kill was a little boy who was carrying a bomb as well as the boy's mom who picked up the bomb. The war was starting to take it's toll on Chris both mentally and physically. After the first tour was done Chris returned to the states but his mind was still at war. The tours after, killing became almost second nature to Chris. He began to grow popularity, so much that there was even a bounty on his head. As he had to worry about people wanting to kill him for money, Chris was hunting for an enemy sniper who was notorious for killing marines on film and selling the tapes. Although war is extremely tough, the hardest thing Chris found was coming back to society and living a normal life again. It was only until years later Chris began to go to centers where other who had a tough time coming back from where went to as well. Chris found that many of them looked up to him and by helping them he found a healthy outlet to let his stress out.

Most memorable thing I've learned?

Before reading the book and watching the movie I assumed the toughest thing a soldier had to go through was the training and the actual fighting in wars. How ever this book was taught me something very important and something I will never forget. American Sniper taught me that there is a real problem going on with soldiers who return from war. The media only shows US veterans who have been affected by bombings or mainly physical aspects. How ever, Chris Kyle was a notorious soldier yet he was strongly affected by war. Not physically but mentally. He had a very hard time remembering that he was home and not at war. He suffered from PTSD, which is Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Any loud noise would startle him or make him believe he was under gun fire like he would be during war. This is a real problem that affects many of out war veterans. Any moment that adrenaline would pump through his veins transported Chris to war once again even though he was no longer there. Chris eventually found a way to help himself easy this problem, but sadly died by the gun of another veteran who was going through PTSD as well. The US Government should help those who fight to keep this country free and safe. Not only those who loose limbs, but any soldier who puts their life on the line should get the help that they deserve to live the life they aspire to have.

Most important word?

DEPLOY. I believe this is the most important word to me because it plays a big role in Chris's life. If it was not for him being deployed to fight in the war, there would really have been no story. Chris getting deployed created this domino effect to everything that happened in this book and throughout his life. Not only did this word directly affect Chris but it had a huge impact when he discovered that his younger brother who was a marine was deployed to fight in the same war as him.

Most important phrase.

"It's like you're here but you're not really here." This phrase impacted me the most because it was said by Chris's wife. I believe she said it after his he returned from his second tour of Iraq, she had enough of him physically be there but not be there and be focusing on her and their baby they recently had. The toll PTSD is taking on Chris is extremely noticeable and his wife is telling him that there is something wrong even though Chris does not see it. She is the one that eventually guides him to a centers where other veterans with post war trauma go.

"I was protecting my guys, they were trying to kill...soldiers and I...I'm willing to meet my creator and answer to every shot that I took."

This quote was powerful to me because it shows the honor and the will that Chris had and was willing to put to protect his fellow soldier. Soldiers he did not even know personally however, he was protecting them. Killing another human being is never an easy task and Chris knew that. Yet he acknowledge that killing another person was not correct yet he would own up to every show he took. Chris felt that the armed forces were like his family and he needed to keep and overlook on them and make sure they never walked into an ambush. Also he could prevent the loss of the lives of many marines by simply scouting ahead and tagging targets or taking them out. Chris knew this was a huge responsibility and he lived up to the job like a hero would.

Would I recommend it?

I would recommend it to an older audience because this book the more I think about it has a lot deeper meaning than the surface shows. Yes obviously the book is about a Navy seal Sniper who was notorious about his kill count. Yet having an insight in this hero's life sheds light to a side of way that the media does not really show. The wars end, casualties happen, but what about all the soldiers that actually survive? What happens to them? This is why I believe this book is important and every one should read.