West News Update

September 2018


We are off to a great start to the 2018-2019 year. This year our focus is on being a West community promoting Respect, Responsibility, Being Ready to learn, and positive Relationships. Treating another kindly is a major part of building a community that learns and grows together. This week we are promoting kindness through a week filled with activities and dress-up days. The hashtag of #2CKindness has been developed to recognize this movement in our community.

Throughout the week there are lessons during Advisory focused on kindness. Each day has a theme encouraging dress up by students and staff. We also are handing out stickers and notes to encourage kindness throughout our year.

Please encourage your student to be a part of the fun. The daily themes are:

Monday Kindness in Motion (athletic wear)

Tuesday Peace, Love, Kindness (hippie dress)

Wednesday Crazy for Kindness (wild socks or hair)

Thursday Powered up for Kindness (super power/hero)

Friday Team up for Kindness (West gear)

Community Kindness Day will take place on Saturday, September 29th at the Ford Idaho Center from 11 AM - 5 PM. All families are invited to participate.

Let's make West and our city better through kindness! #2CKINDNESS

West Whazz Up

Announcements have changed this year. The link above connects to this week's announcement. Big Dawg is presenting the announcements via a digital format at the start of each week. Students are enjoying the change and...we think our staff is too!

We also have three TV's around the school that are running the week's activities and pictures of students at West. Make sure to take a look at this in our front entry.

Flu Shot Clinic and Sealant Opportunity

There are two opportunities for students to receive medical/dental services at school.

West Middle School will be hosting a flu shot clinic for students on October 23rd. This is a great way to immunize your child against the flu. There will be information emailed via to parents/guardians with information. Last year we had over 100 students participate. We hope to see this number grow this year.

Delta Dental will provide sealants to protect students teeth in November. Please look for information to come home about this service.