Update on Jaffrey Lake

Information on Nitrates and Phosphates in Jaffrey City Lake

The Plan

What the City is Doing

A three step plan is going to be implemented in order to help Jaffrey City Lake. The first step is to start an awareness campaign. The campaign, which this flyer is part of, will help to raise awareness about the nutrient pollution problems in Jaffrey City Lake. The plans second step is to create agricultural intensives in order to limit the amount of nitrates that come from farming by the West Side Park. The third and finial step in the plan includes further testing in the lake. More tests would allow city officials to know the exact sources of pollution and help to create another way to help the lake.

Jaffrey Lake Test Results

The nutrient testing in Jaffrey City Lake has been completed and the results are in. The most polluted areas of the lake include the area outside of the main water treatment facility, areas along west side park, by the farmland, and the area directly outside of South Jaffrey City. The results show that out of the locations tested location 3, outside of the main water treatment facility, and location 18, by west side park, have levels of phosphates above 2.5 ppm. Locations 13, by west side park and west housing, and 5, directly outside of Jaffrey City have phosphate levels between .5 and 2.5 ppm. For nitrates location 3 is the only location with over 25 ppm of nitrates. Locations 13, 18, 33, between the industry and west side park , and 39 outside of South Jaffrey. Overall, the test results show that Jaffrey City citizens and business owners must improve how they treat the water in Jaffrey City Lake.

How You Can Help

There are many actions that the Jaffrey City community can do to help Jaffrey City Lake. Some of these actions include, recycling, composting and not dumping waste, not using fertilizers, and donating to the awareness campaign. Recycling and composting will help to make less waste and therefore less waste will be dumping into Jaffrey City Lake. As well as dumping waste another large source of pollution in the lake is fertilizers. It is encouraged that Jaffrey City citizens stop using fertilizers in there yards and gardens. Lawn fertilizers can be replaced with eco-friendly fertilizes. The finial way that Jaffrey City residents can help Jaffrey City Lake is to donate to the awareness campaign. Donations from the awareness campaign will be saved and used for further testing and research in Jaffrey City Lake.

Remember: Pollute Like Your Kids Live Here

Contact for Questions

If you have any questions about Jaffrey City Lake or the plan to help it please feel free to contact us.