Ukraine Ask UN For Support

Mr. Poroshenko Asks To Restrain Russian Veto

Mr. Poroshenko Specks To United Nations

Mr. Poroshenko spoke at the United Nations on behalf of Ukraine involving the Russian invasion. Russia moves troops in Crimea (a region in Ukraine). Mr Putin is calling this action "a defence of the rights of Russian speakers." Russia is sending heavy artillery and are using their veto to reject a resolution to declare a referendum. Ukraine finds the waving of Russia's veto to be unfair.

Causes and Effects

Some causes of Russia's actions include that hospitals are not receiving enough supplies to preform an operation. 1.3 million people might lose their access to clean drinking water and 30,000 people are in need of household items.

Balance In Power

Ukraine is in need of support from other veto nations and in need of the United Nations in general. But due to the fact that Russia holds a veto power they can basically do whatever they want. is this fair? is it right that some countries have more power and control than other? These are some of the questions we as people should be asking ourselves and Mr. Poroshenko is asking to the UN.