It helps you get through pain

Anesthesia was made to control pain

  • In December of 1844, Wells and his wife attended a demonstration at Union Hall in Hartford of nitrous oxide put on by showman Gardner Colton, who had briefly studied medicine. Wells noticed that one of the volunteers, while ingesting the gas to the amusement of the audience, had injured his leg during the demonstration. Wells later talked to the man and found he was unaware he had suffered an injury.
  • Since Wells had long been concerned about the amount of pain suffered by his patients during dental procedures, he was hopeful that nitrous oxide would help his patients be pain free
  • Wells believed that he, with the help of Colton and Riggs, had invented painless dentistry.
  • A machine had been invented to produce nitrous oxide to possibly stop tuberculosis and other lung diseases.
  • Horace Wells used nitrous oxide on some of his patients to keep them from the pain of the dental procedures.
  • Hospitals today use nitrous oxide before the administration of a more powerful anesthetic.
  • The use of nitrous oxide to lessen the pain of medical procedures was the beginning of pain free medical procedures.
  • The invention of nitrous oxide helped people and industries profit from the production of nitrous oxide.

Horace Wells

He was an american dentist who pioneered the use of anesthesia in dentistry, specifically nitrous oxide.

It was made on October 16, 1846.

  • It is also used in almost all hospitals and dentist offices around the world.
  • Throughout history, anesthesia has been spreading around the world.

Anesthesia was invented an used first in the Massachusetts General Hospital

  • Anesthesia is used in most hospitals and dentist offices today
  • Also, it is used in some houses today
  • Throughout history Anesthesia has spread all around the world


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