Fearful of the Future?

Stop fearing and help us help you get the grade you deserve!

Grades are important so help take a stand to where you want them!

Students, does it upset you how easy failing comes? Are you aggravated when you are 1 point away from passing?

Over 68% of students disagree with the grading system due to lower grades throughout the school year and are fearful of future outcomes such as college and job occupations. Fear no more Students, there is a resolution.

The Texas State board of education however believes that 3 out of 10 students prefer the grading system because it the grades values are worth substantially more, but is this really true?

TEACHERS! IS IT HARD TO SEE YOUR STUDENT FAIL AND DOING EVERYTHING YOU CAN TO HELP THEM PASS? THERE IS A SOLUTION that does not involve multiple assignments in order higher grades for students