Curriculum Corner

Greenway Elementary - K-5 Assessment Edition

Learning Check Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are learning checks required as a report card entry?

Yes, the total score (including short response, extended response, and multiple choice items) is entered under the comprehension area for ELA. Math Learning Checks and Science FCAs are entered under the assessments area. RWAs are not required to be entered in the grade book (grade level decision recommended). Computational Fluency Checks are entered into the Foundational Skills category. Math Learning Checks must be given before report card grades are finalized for each quarter.

2. Are accommodations allowable on the Learning Checks?

Yes, please use the same accommodations as those that are used for ELA FSA.

Dates and Prompt Types for RWA

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RWA Scores -- Performance Matters

Two teachers will score each administration of the RWA on a rubric scale from 0-10 (0-5 for K-2), based on the FSA English Language Arts-based Writing Rubrics or Six Traits Rubric (K-2), and the average of the two rubric scores will be entered into Unify in Online Scoring. If you are reading this, email Mrs. Hunt with the subject line, "I read Curriculum Corner." The first three people that respond get a class-sized bottle of hand sanitizer for the coming cold/flu season. RWA can be used for a grade, but it is optional.

Math Learning Checks

  • Math assessment items may be read for K-2 students, or if the the student has oral presentation as an accommodation documented on the IEP/504.
  • Math Learning Checks can be given over multiple days, if needed.
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