Learning Methodology & Integration

How We Are Teaching Within Our Classrooms

How are Curriculum is Different

It is different because it is more hands on than it is today. We will have more hands on activities to let the students understand in deeper meaning than just letting them lecture.

Our goal for our students

Our goal for our students is for more hands on learning and less of the lectures. More group activities so every student learns together and learns more of the things that are necessary in the real world such as teamwork, communication, and leadership.
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We Offer

  • In our schools we plan to have more technology and more interactiveness in our learning style. We plan to have a facilitator/activity style teaching method allowing the students to learn through more hands-on experience.

  • We want the teachers to teach through simulation and interactive activities, so that the students can see for themselves. We will have more than just chemicals and beakers in our science labs.

  • We’ll have large scale interactive holographic projectors that allow the students to play with chemicals and materials. We want the students to be even more hands-on and interactive than the average STEM classroom.

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