The Sneaker Culture

Taking Over The World By; Diego A. Caballero

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Taking Over The World

The sneaker culture has gone a long way from when Converse introduced the All Star in
1917 to Kanye’s Adidas Yeezy 350 Boost. People who were
around when it all started would say that the “sneaker game” has taken over the
world, but also that it’s no longer the same as it was back in there days. My
goal in this paper is to inform the reader about how the sneaker culture has
taken over three big industries; sports, music and fashion.


Its Introduced To The Music Industry

The very first musician to ever get an endorsement deal was Run DMC with Adidas, but now you see more musicians with sneaker endorsement then athletes.You see a good hand full of artist with there own model of sneaker for example Meek mill with pumas, Kendrick Lamar with Reebok Drake with Jordan Big Sean with pumas also and. You also have artist that have been dropped from sneaker endorsement like Rick Ross from Reebok and LIl Wayne from supra.The most talked about shoe in the culture right now that has came out of the music industry is no other then Kanye Wests shoe the Nike yeezys and also his Adidas yeezys.
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The Culture In Sports

When people talk about shoes and basketball the first thing that comes to mind is Jordan and his shoes but before he came into the basketball scene with his line of sneakers it all started with converse.The shoes were first produced in 1917 as the "All Star," Converse's
attempt to capture the basketball shoe market. Chuck Taylor, a basketball
player and shoe salesman for Converse, improved the shoe's design and became
the product's spokesperson in the 1920s. Then came the mid 80's and that's when Jordan came in with his line of sneaker. At one point the NBA had banned his shoe for the reason of it being against the NBA regulations.The line of endorsement is not just in the NBA but also the NFL with deion sanders and BO Jackson and a few other professional athletes.

Influenced in fashion

In terms of fashion, the sneaker has become a crucial element of masculine expression: in a world that insists on jeans, slacks and button downs as the male uniform, sneakers are an avenue for color, expression, and personal style. “Sneakers have allowed more diverse images of male success to be imagined in men’s fashion,” Ms. Semmelhack explains. “When you think about the tech genius or the athlete or the rapper, none of them look like a Wall Street banker. They’re expressing new models of masculine success. The sneaker is central to that.” Sneakers, according to Ms. Semmelhack, allow men to take much greater risk in their wardrobe, without being chastised for it. In fact, at present, sneakers are available as a viable, appropriate clothing option for a wider demographic of men than ever before, worn with everything from suits to sweatpants
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