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Giving Aid

The Not For Sale campaign is a company that aids victims of human trafficking by providing seven simple resources. They provide rescue and reparation, shelter, health and nutrition, legal services, education, job placement, and life skills. Their most important goal is to help with recovery and to help improve the lives of the victims by teaching them skills to succeed.

I Paid Good Money For You!: Victim Stories

Srey Neang was sold by her family at the age of seven, as a servant to pay off debts. She was transferred from house to house as a servant, until she was finally sold to a karaoke club as a prostitute. She spent a whole year locked up in a room; the only time the door was opened was to let in another John. Eventually she escaped from one club just to be employed into another. While she was at the most recent club she met a boy, Rang, who was kind to her and helped her find a home and a good job. They fell in love, but he could not make it public because he would shame his family by having a prostitute girlfriend. Eventually he cut off all connections between her until she found out she was pregnant. He refused to take responsibility, therefore she was to be a single parent. When she had the baby, she was unemployed and without shelter. She found hope at the Hagar shelter(a Not For Sale home), which gave her and her son shelter, education, and job skills. Today she is 20 years old and able to support herself and her son as a seamstress.

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We can help!

Human trafficking has become the second largest crime in the world. The Not For Sale campaign has continually rescued and aided victims for the past several years. They have eight different programs in ten different countries. Since the very beginning of this organization they have helped over 1435 victims of human trafficking. Not For Sale runs on donations from several companies and from ordinary people like you and me, volunteering our time to help give someone their life back.

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The Global Slave Trade