Harrison Parent News

Christa Smyder, Principal Vanessa Hudgins, Dean of Students

Mark your Calendar

  • February 15: Student Holiday
  • February 16: Harrison Fundraiser Due
  • February 26: Read-a-thon
  • February 29: 6th Math Benchmark
  • March 1: 6th Reading Benchmark
  • March 2-3: 6th Registration for 7th (more information to come)
  • March 7-11: Spring Break
  • March 15-18: Book Fair

PTA Read-A-Thon is Coming

The PTA Read-A-Thon fundraiser is coming February 16-26. Students who collect $25 in donations will be invited to the wrap-up party on Friday, February 26 from 3:30-8:00 pm. There will be food, ice cream, reading, games, and tons of fun!


Harrison is currently having a school-wide fundraiser. Students received a packet on Friday with the details. It will be due on February 16. There is also a busy parent option attached to this week's email. Thank you for supporting our Buccaneers!

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Morning Drop-Off

Please be sure to drop students off in the carpool lanes in front of Harrison. This way we can ensure the safety of students. Our doors open at 7:45 am. Students are not supervised before that time.

Cell Phones

Students may bring cell phones to school; however, they are to be turned off during the instructional part of the day unless the teachers asks that they be used to support student learning and instruction. Students should not be placing calls, receiving texts or calls, texting during the school day unless asked to do so by an adult in the building. If your child is ill, he or she is to report to the clinic and Nurse Melissa will call parents accordingly. Cell phones may be confiscated and returned at the end of the day if students are not following campus expectations.