Galaxy House News

September 16, 2016

Week in Review

Our first work plan is under way! Galaxy House students have been working hard to reestablish norms for our daily work cycle this week. Writing a daily plan with 3-5 works, following through on that plan, and staying focused help students to accomplish their goals.

In Reading class, the skill of monitoring comprehension by listening to one's inner conversation has been the center of our beginning of the year instruction. Students are learning that recording their thinking while they read leads to better understanding and increased opportunities for discussion. This has also helped them determine the big ideas and questions from a text. Our writing focus has been on persuasive techniques such using strong evidence to back up any claim we make.

Math lessons are underway! Lessons are not given by grade level. They are matched to the pace of your individual child. In the beginning of the year, some students might start out together but find that they are in different lessons later on. We will use corrections as an opportunity to discuss errors with others in order to learn a new strategy or learn from mistakes. Because of this, there will be papers that come home that have not been corrected by your child.

Ancient Civilizations is the focus of our history studies this year. We are beginning the year with studying the culture that is most familiar to us by creating an "All About Me" Museum. Students will be learning how to make timelines, examine their own photos, and finding artifacts that represent important things about their lives so far. They will need to bring in four photos before next Friday as part of this project. These photos will be used on a display board in the next work plan. They may bring the photos home after the project has been presented on Oct. 7.

Our science studies will kick off with a BANG as we begin the study of our solar system. Students will be investigating scientific theories of how planets, stars, and moons formed. When this is presented, we always clarify that this is the scientific view of how the world was formed and that many cultures (including their own) have different beliefs. They have the freedom to choose what they follow.


MAP Testing Begins: Monday, September 19

Work plan #1 due: Friday, September 23

Book Orders due: Friday, September 23

Work plan #2 due: Friday, October 7

Me Museum: Friday, October 7 at 12:45-1:30 (Parents are welcome to attend)

Anneke Thompson & Michelle Glisch