Eve's Various Children

Fairytale: English III

Setting, Plot & Characterization

The setting is in the first Bible years after Adam and Eve got kicked out of the garden of Eden. They were banished and had to build their own home on the raw Earth.

The plot is that Eve is only showing the Lord her beautiful children when he comes to visit for the first time since they were banished. This causes conflict because her ugly children have to be hidden, until Eve realizes that the Lord is giving all her children gifts. When she then realizes the Lord is giving them all gifts so she got her ugly children out. The Lord gave the ugly children gifts that weren't as good as the others so Eve is concerned and mentions it to the Lord.

The characterization of Eve is that she is worried about what the Lord will think of her ugly children which comes off to me as shallow. Adam isn't really mentioned much other than he is Eve's husband. Eve has 12 ugly children and 8 beautiful ones, that is about all the story says about them.


The main theme of the story is revealed at the end like most other fairy tales. In the story the Lord gives the beautiful children gifts like King, Nobleman, and Learned Man this leads Eve to bring out her ugly children to so the Lord can give them good gifts, too. But as the Lord gifts to her ugly children their gifts they weren't as good as the beautiful children's, they were things such as a weaver, tanner, and weaver. Eve then mentions how unevenly the Lord had distributed his gifts to the children who were all equally hers, to which he replies that if all of her children were Kings and Princes who would grow the corn, thresh it, grind it, and bake it. He is saying that even though the gifts he gives some children aren't as luxurious as the others that they are just as important.

Similes, Allusions, Symbols, and Hyperboles

One allusion I found would be Adam and Eve getting thrown out of the garden of Eden which is famous because of the Bible. A simile from this story was : all shall be fed like the limbs of one body. An example of a hyperbole found in my story would be: eat their bread in the sweat of their brow. A symbol in the story is the children who got the better of the gifts were the beautiful ones, and in life now people who are pretty try to use the way they look to get what they want, and sometimes it works.