The Tasmanian Tiger

Extinction Study: Emily Epperson and Breely Swientonioski

Thylacinus Cynocephalus

The Thylacinus Cynocephalus, more commonly known as the tasmanian tiger or the tasmanian wolf, disappeared from the earth on September 7th, 1936. They were not declared extinct until 1986 because it was uncertain whether some still survived in the wild. The species date of discovery is unknown; however, it has been seen in cave drawing since long before science was recorded, and fossils of the tiger have been found dating back to 3100 years ago. They were native to Australia, but spread to other areas. They live in open forests or grasslands. The original size of their population is unknown. It is believed that they were widespread but not abundant. The Tasmanian Tiger was a fierce, carnivorous predator that ruled at the top of the food chain, eating kangaroos, sheep, and other small animals. It would live and hunt alone. They are also marsupials, which means they carry their young in pouches. Before they were gone they were the largest marsupial on Earth.


Causes of Extinction, Ecological Effect, Precautionary Measures

The Tasmanian Tiger went extinct due to us, homo sapiens. Shepherds would hunt these animals to protect their sheep that the tigers would prey on. Also, the Tasmanian government put a bounty on Tasmanian Tigers to use their body parts in the 20th century. It has been speculated that disease also contributed, but there is no evidence of this claim.

Settlers in Tasmania brought wild dogs with them that competed with the tigers for habitats and food.

The extinction of the tiger caused a ripple effect on ecosystems in Tasmania. Without the tigers eating the sheep and kangaroo, those species grew to have larger populations and the organisms below them on the food chain shrunk to smaller populations.

The bounty placed on The Tasmanian Tiger was illegal and in present times it would've been stopped; however, in those days people didn't realize what they were doing to their environment and it soon resulted in the extinction of an incredible species.