Nuclear tec.

Technology for nuclear work

Physical nuclear

It's physical science because its working with energy and the concept of energy.

Education path

All of this stuff is degrees or what you need to know for the job- Advanced Digital electronics,circuit Analysis, Data communications, Digital electronics and microprocessors, electric systems, Engineering graphics, engineering physics, English compulsion, those were the degrees heres what you needed to know form high school- introduction to calculus, introduction to programming, and per calculus. Here are some classes gem chem, computer concept, first aid and emergency care, and college prep algebra there were a lot more but there was to many to list so I picked a few good ones definently needed for the job.

Training school and collage

Georgia military collage this is a great college and a great place to learn for your future ahead.


These are all things that you need to have at least in the past for your future.

2.5 high school GPA




About the job- working with tec. To help learn more about nuclear power you will help to better understand the concept of all nuclear power. Your job is basically running a bunch of the soft ware that is in the building like you might end up running the power reactor for a experiment. In all the job is very complex and you have to know a lot.

Factors- very hard there are no jobs in wis.

Salary- wi. None (there are no jobs) national $45.14 an hour experienced

Region- $103,390 wage

Employer- Georgia military college


Yes I like tec. But I don't like a lot of work witch is bad for me. Although that is true I do like to deal with tec. So that could change my mind. Also I really think that I could go to Georgia military school the education plus the discipline that you get which will shape you to improve your choice at getting a job.