Kate's Code of Ethics

Mrs. Kennedy 6th

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Kate's Ethics Crest

The five most important rules

1. Always strive to do better

2. Be trustworthy and trust others

3. Always have integrity

4. Be caring

5. Stand up for what is right


moral principles that govern a person's or group's behavior.


A set of rules and standards adhered to by a society, class, or individual.

Examples of following the code and not following the code:

1. Ex: instead of being content with getting a 93 average in history class you can set a goal that is to get at least a 94 the next six weeks.

Non ex: a non example of the following is being content with getting a B in a class and not trying to raise your grade when you have opportunities to do so, as in not doing test corrections or not studying longer when you have the extra time.

2. Ex: When a friend trusts you with an important secret you do not tell anyone unless it can, will, or has harmed someone else. In that case you should tell your parents or a teacher.

Non ex: when your friend tells you a secret and then you go and tell the rest of your friend group or you trust someone else against your better judgement.

3. Ex: If a teacher accidentally put in a 95, which is the wrong grade, into your portal when you really got a 65 then you should tell the teacher even if it means your grade will suffer.

Non ex: Stealing a wallet that is on the floor in the hallway instead of turning it in to student services.

4. Ex: When a family member is sick take care of them because you would want someone to take care of you if you were in that situation.

Non ex: Letting a friend or family member do something such as drugs, that can harm them and destroy their future. (If you really do love them you should stop them from doing that)

5. Ex: if you see people making fun of a kid stand up for the kid and tell the bullies to leave them alone.

Non ex: When your friends are making fun of a kid and you don't want to yet you join them anyway.