Abu Simbel, Egypt

About The Monument

General Info

In 1257 B.C.E king Ramses II made people to build 2 temples out of solid rock. the temple has gods, Ptah, Amun Ra, Ramses II, and Re-Horakthe. The temple Ramses II built was dedicated to the sun gods, Amun Ra and Re Horakthe.

History On The Temples


In southern Egypt The temples rediscovery was unknown till 1813. The temple was 1st explored in 1817 by egyptologist, Giovanni Battista Belzoni.

The Coolest Part

The temple is precisely oriented that on February and October 22nd the first rays on morning sun will shine onto the temples interior.

The Interior Of The Temple

The interior has a lot of halls and rooms which are 185 feet from the enter. The first hall is 54 feet wide and 58 feet deep with 2 rows of Osirid Statues of Ramses II. Each statue of him is 30 feet high. On the north side the 2 statues are wearing white crown of upper Egypt and the south side they are wearing the double crown of Egypt. On the west end of the main hall there are 3 doors. the 2 side one lead to a lateral chamber and the center goes to a room with 4 pillars. from there a door leads to the vestibule and beyond is the statues of Ptah, Amen Ra, Ramses II, and Re Horakthe.

Map Of Abu Simbel

Abu Simbel is locanted near lower Lake Nasser

The Statue

This is the real structure