Dead Shot

Jack Coughlin


Dead Shot is about the Trident Team, a special black ops group who give support to Kyle Swanson, a sniper supposedly declared dead. Kyle was supposedly killed in the line of duty. The Trident Team is led by General Middleton, and has a computer technologist nicknamed Lizard and Sybel, a female officer. But its chief weapon is Swanson, Kyle Swanson. The team is investigating a supposed WMD (Weapon of Mass Destruction) made by Iraq but stored in Iran. The novel is also about the hunt for JUBA, a formidable British born sniper who is working with the terrorists of Baghdad. The action is nonstop. Swanson is a good character with a real military experience instead of a superhuman with hand to hand combat skills.

Important character


Juba is the antagonist in the book Dead Shot. Juba is a cold blooded killer who can shoot an apple off of someone's head from a mile away. Juba is a terrorist that was born in england, but has moved to Baghdad So he can become a terrorist mercenary. In this book Juba is Kyle's biggest threat.


A renowned sniper, Coughlin recounts battlefield action with considerable energy. - The Washington Post

The action reaches a furious pitch. - Publishers Weekly

Tight, suspenseful…Here's hoping this is the first of many Swanson novels. -Booklist


The book Dead Shot takes place in the middle east, more specifically Baghdad. Baghdad is the capital of Iraq. As many people know, the U.S.A. has been serving freedom in Iraq for a very long time, and Dead Shot is a story about one solders life in Iraq.
Sniper Keeps His Cool

Similarities between the book and this video

this video displays that snipers have to conceal their true identity in public. It also shows that some snipers can perform almost flawlessly in every situation, like both Kyle and Juba did in the book Dead shot.

Music trailer

Toby Keith - American Soldier

Similarities between American Soldier and Dead Shot

The reason that I chose American Soldier as my song is because i believe that it describes the sacrifice and brotherhood that Kyle displayed in the book Dead shot. I also believe that the song shows what it is like to be a soldier in the U.S.A. military.