Innovative Teaching Notes

June 2015

This newsletter is intended for the Innovative Teaching Specialists who support GaVL's TOOL platform by serving as Experts in Online Teaching​, Appraisers of TOOL Coursework, Evaluators of Digital Content​, Curators of Digital Resources​, Consultants for TOOL Course Development​, and Scholars of Web TOOLs.
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ITS Question

What do I do when I receive a submission and the participant said that he had attached a word document with his links and reflection paragraph? I did not see any attachment in the submission.

Sometimes the documents appear and sometimes they do not. In this case, please deny the submission and ask the participant to paste the links to his/her blog as well as his/her reflection directly in the submission box. Perhaps say that the attachment was not received and that once you receive his/her re-submission, you will be happy to look over his/her work.

ITS Question in Email

What feedback should I provide if a participant's capstone only links to the 4 required posts?

You should deny the capstone. Please include a statement that all blog postings must be easily accessible as Innovative Teaching Specialists will peruse the entirety of skill. Encourage the participant to resubmit with direct links to a searchable blog.

ITS Question in email

What do I do if I denied a capstone because I can only locate the 4 required posts and the participant emails me again confused about what to submit?

In this situation, please forward the email to Joyce and Sharon. We will contact the participant and reiterate the expectations.

ITS Question

What do I do if I discover that a participant's blog plagiarizes another participant's blog?

Please notify Sharon and Joyce to investigate further.

ITS Question

What do I do if a participant's reflection does not include comments about the learning, activities, resources and overall experience?

Please rate this participant's reflection portion of the rubric as novice. Then supply a comment that the participant should provide an overall reflection of their learning experience in TOOL not a critique of the learning platform or process. Participants should comment on what they found most beneficial to their online learning journey and what has challenged their teaching philosophy or pedagogy as they prepare to be an online instructor. It is okay to approve this capstone if the participant receives at minimum mastery on the organization of the blog and the content of the blog.

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How to submit a capstone video

When asking a participant to resubmit, you may wish to include the following video in your feedback.
How to Make a Capstone Submission

A Look at Teaching with Digital Tools

Looking for innovative resources to mention in your feedback? Check out these for inspiration... stay current!

A nice overview of what teaching with technology is like....the successes and challenges that come with new roles for educators.

If You Give a Kid a Laptop

How to get started with gamification in your classroom: create an engaging narrative

Check out this teacher's blog for some easy tips to gamify your classroom.

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Providing helpful feedback

Lisa does an outstanding job of providing specific and detailed feedback to participants within TOOL, including additional links to the capstone and help video. Even when participants do not meet the expectations with their first submission, it's a best practice to provide a thorough and encouraging response when asking for a resubmission. Great job Lisa!

Recommended by ITS

A special thanks to Laurie for making the first ITS web tool recommendation. Please continue to send your recommendations to Joyce. We hope to have a few good recommendations for Fall faculty meetings.
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