The Golden Kite,The Silver Wind

By Ray Bradbury


In this story two towns are building their walls into symbols in a way that will make the other town seem weaker making that one town gain prosperity. After a while both towns are very weary and they both make their walls, one wind, the other a kite, which brings both of them prosperity.

The Narration

The narration in this story is in third person omniscient, telling of how things are going for everyone and telling of things that the characters might not know of, such as how the narrator tells of how the city's victory is short lived before the characters know.

The Narrators tone

The tone of this story is a very playful tone, as if he is telling a tale or a story to another person. Throughout the story, the narrator uses many words that you would often see in a fairy tale of the sorts. With many transitions and a very descriptive tone to add to that.